Ctek Skyrouter - Z4500 Ethernet Server

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SkyRouter - Z4500 Ethernet Server

Ctek’s Z4500 Application Server meets your product development needs at the level you choose. Straight out of the box, the Z4500 is a ready-to-use Linux device server, ready to bring your serial and USB devices onto an IP network. The built-in serial PAD feature simplifies the conversion of legacy serial protocols and the externally accessible micro-SD provides vast amounts of economical storage.

Many industrial and commercial applications will be well served by Ctek’s Automation Control application for the Z4500. This no-coding, rapid development toolset is available to interact with the sensors and controls commonly found in industrial monitoring and control applications. Automation Control is based on an intuitive menu driven rapid development environment that brings maintainable industrial solutions to market faster and at a lower cost than legacy PLC approaches. Moreover, Z4500 Automation Control applications are completely portable to Ctek’s Z4550 cellular application platform. This allows you to pick the communications mechanism that best serves your application’s requirements.

For more advanced applications requiring custom coding, Ctek supports a downloadable Linux cross-compile development environment, a tested source distribution, and a fully documented tool chain. The development release supports all of the Z4500’s communications interfaces, and because it is Linux, opens the door to the wealth of open source applications and utilities available.

The Z4500 is code and application compatible with Ctek’s Z4550 4G/LTE Cellular Application Server. This means that both Automation Control and coded applications developed for wired networks are easily transferred to wireless or hybrid networks.

Z4500 Feature Summary

  • Linux 3.16.X – Supported Development Kit
  • Advanced Rapid Development Tools
  • Micro SD – Externally Accessible
  • Serial PAD – TCP and UDP
  • DC Power – 9 -24 Volts
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • Serial – RS232 and RS485
  • USB Host and Client
  • FCC, CE, and RoHS

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