Application Suite

At the heart of every SkyRouter is a general purpose Linux platform with a web server, and more than ample computing and memory resources. Ctek uses these capabilities to develop numerous embedded applications such as our AVL application, an XML gateway, our sophisticated PLC like Automation Control Application, and bespoke customer applications for specific markets. The common thread is that these applications all reside on the SkyRouter platform and make use of its wireless capabilities for communications. Consider the SkyRouter platform for your wireless application needs.

You will be starting on an agency and carrier approved cellular platform that is available for all network technologies. Ctek provides a no cost software distribution, a documented tool chain, I/O drivers, example CGI, and APIs to support third party development. A developer's newsgroup provides access to the collective experience of a growing development community.

For developers that need remote access to the resources of theSkyRouter or resident applications an open XML interface is also available. The XML interface uses cellular transport to provide read and write access to cellular, GPS, or automation resources as well as remote procedure calls to start and stop SkyRouter resident applications.