Frequently Asked Questions

All Ctek products are manufactured in the USA from globally sourced components

Yes, all Ctek products conform to the RoHS 2 requirements. Specifically, all products manufactured by Ctek Inc. are in compliance with EU Directive 2011/65/EU and of the council of 8 June 2011 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment

For the US:

FCC part 15, subpart B, Class A demonstrated by compliance with EN 55022:2006 (CISPR 22:1997, Class A)

For Australia:

C-Tick AS/NZS CISPR 22:2006

For Canada:


EMC Approvals:

EN 55022:2006 (CISPR 22:1997, Class A)

EN 61000-3-2:2000

EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1

Based on this testing, reports for additional countries are available as required.

The Ctek SkyRouter is a complete cellular application platform meeting the needs of industrial and commercial users on three distinct levels.

First, the SkyRouter is a best-in-class industrial cellular router providing security, GPS location and geo-fencing, and security and encryption.

Second, SkyRouters using Ctek's Automation Control option can quickly develop monitoring and control applications, and connect them to Ctek's SkyCloud visualization application without programming. Automation Control is a software PLC application based on an intuitive, menu based rapid development environment.

Lastly, for specialized applications requiring custom coding, Ctek supports a downloadable cross-compile development environment, a tested source distribution, and a fully documented tool chain

Yes, but Ctek's 4500 Ethernet server provides a more economical solution for wired applications. The 4500 is code and application compatible with current production SkyRouters. This means that both Automation Control, and coded applications developed for wired networks are easily transferred to wireless or hybrid network

The type A USB connection is a full-speed host connection. It currently supports Ctek's thumb drive backup/restore utility, and with the addition of a USB to Ethernet, or USB to serial adapter can provide an additional WAN connection.

The micro USB connection is a high-speed client or host connection. It provides a mechanism to update a SkyRouter's flash memory and supports RNDIS/EEM/ECM

SkyRouter comes standard with a serial packet assembler and disassembler (PAD) feature that supports TCP, UDB, and PPP connections. In well over a decade of manufacturing SkyRouters, Ctek has never encountered a serial controller that could not be successfully connected to the cellular network using our serial PAD feature.

Ctek's Automation Control option is a software based programmable logic controller (PLC) that installs on all current production SkyRouters. Like all PLCs, Automation Control reads inputs (digital, analog, pulse, or Modbus) and sets states or values on outputs (digital, Modbus). Unlike most PLCs, Automation Control logic is constructed using simple pulldown or data field values, preprocessed by calculator type mathematical functions, and post-processed by simple programs constructed from a library of logic and control functions. Automation Control provides real-time alarms using SMS and email, and daily user defined reports in spreadsheet format.

Ctek's Automation Control supports any Modbus I/O module, controller, or PLC, either over Ethernet or RS485. Automation Control also supports Ctek's I/O module, a 16-pin (8 in/8 out) industrial I/O module, which has input pins programmable under Automation Control to operate as either digital, analog, or pulse inputs.

In addition, Automation Control has a unique set of capabilities that allow two or more SkyRouters to operate in a peer-to-peer mode where program logic on one SkyRouter can read, set, or reset I/O pins on another SkyRouter over the cellular networ

Input and output values, along with descriptive text can be displayed in a user defined, browser accessible format on the SkyRouter's control panel. Access control mechanisms insure that maintenance staff access can be restricted to the application's control panel only.

In addition, through a simple menu selection process, application information, device status, device location, and network status information can be displayed on Ctek's SkyCloud application, a cloud based management system designed specifically for cellular networks.

Ctek's SkyCloud is a cloud based visual access and management system optimized for use on cellular networks. Endpoints are displayed as pins at their geographic location on a detailed map, appropriately scaled for the size of the overall system being monitored. Pin colors may be set to red, yellow, or green based on Automation Control logic. A single click of a pin presents a detailed, multi-tab display presenting detailed application, device, network status, and a navigation link directly to the endpoint. The use of a mapping presentation makes SkyCloud ideal for monitoring both mobile and stationary endpoints.

In many ways; first, SkyCloud data originates at the endpoint and is pushed to the cloud, rather than being polled. This means that the endpoint application is in control of what is displayed, how it is displayed, and how often it is transmitted, thereby providing an application focused cloud display without significant cellular data consumption.

Second, SkyCloud is self-provisioning. Endpoints register with the cloud when they come online meaning that there is no administrative burden involved in bringing up a SkyCloud network.

In addition, the SkyCloud presentation can be customized for any application using simple menu based web tools. No programming, no connectors, no APIs, and no additional expense is required to get your application onto the cloud.