Automation Control

A Complete SCADA System in a Single Box

  1. "Language-Less" Platform - No Programming

    Ctek's Automation Control Application offers the first platform where you can develop custom solutions to address complex problems without low level programming.

    • Web based configuration and solution development
    • Solutions are developed on the controller
    • Cloud solution is automatically deployed from the controller as well
  2. Wired, Wireless & Cellular Communication

    Flexible communication options all on the same box

    • Advanced 4G LTE cellular communications with fallback
    • Bluetooth support
    • Low-frequency radio where required
    • Integrates to wired infrastructure
    1. Raw Data Interfaces

      "Plug and Play" type functionality for many standard data types including:

      • Pulse
      • Digital
      • Analog
      • MODBUS
        • 32/16 bit Hex Registers
        • Coils
        • Slave/Master Configurations
      • Virtual type data
    2. Build Complex Formulas and Logic

      Use built-in function and standard operators to build custom logic for monitoring and control

      • Define edge/level sensitive thresholds with hysteresis
      • Perform control and monitoring at set thresholds
      • Create custom alarms and messages
    3. Total Control at the Endpoint - No Server

      Ctek eliminates the dependency on a server to perform network-wide control

      • Each endpoint is an autonomous endpoint capable of local monitoring and control
      • Ctek enables direct endpoint to endpoint communication enabling endpoints to be aware of the network and control other endpoints

    Automation Control Feature Summary

    • Reliable built-in communications - anywhere to everywhere
    • Monitor and control with industry standard sensors
    • Web based application development - no ladder logic
    • Complex multi-site applications without central site software
    • Replaces your auto dialer - for any or all inputs
    • Daily user defined spreadsheet reports via email
    • Reports its internal temperature and voltages
    • Single page status of entire application
    • Status and programming from any web browser – anywhere
    • Reports its latitude, longitude, course and speed

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