Private Label Program

The majority of Ctek's products ship to VARs and OEMs without our name on it. Private labeling isn't simple, but our hardware and services are designed to easily take on an OEM's look and feel. Additionally, there is a manufacturing process in place to assist the OEM in managing a private label supply chain.

  • All products can be offered unlabeled or with OEM label attached. We can also offer assistance in designing your label and advise on labeling strategies, including barcoding.

  • Customize the look and feel of your user interface by easily changing logos, colors, web links, and page names. Available on the SkyRouter and also SkyCloud services.

  • All documentation is available copyright free in standard word processing formats to OEM's. Use our guidelines to modify the document to assume your brand or use the text if your own format.

All customization is done as part of the manufacturing process ensuring that your product is ready to ship when you receive it.

Your custom part number has a bill of materials, manufacturing instructions that can include labeling, custom firmware loads, and special hardware modifications to ensure you get the product you want.

Private label part numbers can also be used to bundle services and accessories such as antennas, power supplies and I/O modules.


  • Our label, your label, or no label
  • User Interface customization
  • Copyright free documentation
  • Custom barcoding
  • Load custom firmware
  • Custom hardware configuration


  • Protect and preserve your brand
  • Customer interface with your look and feel
  • Seamless customer documentation
  • Configuration specific order codes
  • Product and Accessory bundles

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