Ctek SkyCloud

  • Visual Access & Management

    Visual Access & Management

    • Consolidated view & health status the entire network and individual enpoints
    • Quick and intuitive visual interface
    • Endpoint driven for efficient & optimal usage of cellular data
    • Self-provisioning at the endpoint
    • No custom server development, ever!
  • Application Aware Platform

    Application Aware Platform

    • Understand network health status
    • See specific information pertaining to the installation and equipment behind the endpoint
    • Be aware of healthy, alarmed, and critical states with color indicators
    • Direct access to the endpoint for finer monitoring and control
  • Manage Hardware & Software

    Manage Hardware & Software

    • Ensure that the latest firmware is running
    • Quick overview of the hardware in the field
    • Access to environmental data and radio identifiers
    • Efficiently manage firmware updates across the network
  • Monitor Network Performance

    Monitor Network Performance

    • View the current operating service band
    • Understand the number of network, service, and roaming changes
    • Examine the quality of the cellular signal
  • Detailed Network Statistics

    Detailed Network Statistics

    • View network connection time and percent
    • Access to historical performance
  • Monitor Data Usage

    Monitor Data Usage

    • Track billing start days
    • Monitor daily data transmit and receive
    • View total usage to date
    • View break-down of total usage
    • Go back in time to search usage history

Created at the Enpoint

  • Visually locate assets or systems
  • Start/Stop/Disable systems and processes remotely
  • View critical system information (battery life, run time, signal strength, productivity etc.)
  • Access to historical reports

Code-free, Instant Deployment

  • Reduce the amount of truck rolls with remote management and monitoring
  • View all critical information past and present from a single screen
  • SkyCloud is browser based so you have access to your entire network from anywhere.