SkyWorx - The All in One Solution

  • The Complete Solution

    The Complete Solution

    Out of the box -

    • Pre-packaged, ready to mount
    • Live cellular account ready for activation
    • Cloud Enabled, ready to start reporting
  • Let Ctek put you on the SkyCloud

    Let Ctek put you on the SkyCloud

    Let us integrate your equipment and demonstrate the power of SkyWorx within a couple of days. See first had the value Ctek can bring to your project without the typical overhead of dollars and time.


Everything needed to manage your valuable remote asset


Cellular simplicity on a virtual private network


Cloud based presentation with one-click endpoint access


  • 4G Communications
  • Hardware, Software, Networking
  • Custom Monitoring and Control
  • Visual Access and Management
  • Secure VPN Access
  • Custom Installation Kit
  • Professional network management


  • Complete solution - one vendor
  • Network Management included
  • Desktop VPN client
  • Focus on your core business
  • Packaged for CAPEX purchase options
  • Networking charges included

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Automation Control

SkyWorx Controller Datasheet

SkyWorx is the first complete M2M solution in a single package, a solution in a box to monitor and control applications ranging from emergency generators to pumping stations. Your SkyWorx installation is capable of connecting to a wide range of sensors and controllers including existing MODBUS I/O. Up until now, if you wanted to roll-out a remote management and control application you were facing a check-list including hardware and network selection, and application development. Then, if visualization was a requirement you would need to select and integrate with a cloud vendor. And, once the application was deployed you would be faced with resourcing a network management team.

SkyWorx is making the Internet of Industrial Things practical.
SkyWorx is different. It includes the hardware and software components including your application, comes fully integrated with Ctek's SkyCloud visual access and management interface, and arrives with a tested network connection that will be supported by Ctek. You purchase the hardware and two years service for one fixed price, thereby opening up CAPEX or leasing budget options. And, the two-year service package helps to future proof your investment, allowing you to choose between an out-year service renewals or an equipment upgrade.

SkyRouter Applications
Ctek Solution
Water/Waste Water
Monitor and control tanks, pumps, motors. Real-time alarms and daily reports.
Ctek Solution
Water saving irrigation control, integrate additional sensors, control pumps and valves
Ctek Solution
Security & Surveillance
Real-time video. Connect multiple IP cameras. Integrate any detector or sensor.