Agricultural Solutions


Remote Installations:

Animal Housing

Grain Handling equipment, Waste Storage


Temperature, Moisture, High/Low Levels


Environmental Systems, Feeding Systems, Pumps and Tanks, Irrigation


  • Remote Cellular Access
  • Integrate multiple sensors
  • Automatically react to sensor inputs
  • Combine with real-time video
  • Supports solar powered Installations
  • Precise time-stamped records
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Protect high value equipment
  • Reduce remote site visits
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Manage feed and chemical inventories
  • Monitor livestock well-being


Available as a SkyWorx package.

Monitoring, control, and automation systems are increasingly becoming commonplace in the agricultural industry. Applications ranging from animal care and feeding to waste storage monitoring, and pump/tank control to feed and supplement inventory management have proven their value to this important segment of our economy.

Monitoring, Communications and Control for agriculture.

Ctek's industrial automation systems are ideally suited to remotely monitor and control waste lagoons, digesters, feed and grain storage, and almost any pump/tank combination. Ctek works with agricultural fabricators, feed suppliers, industrial electricians, and agricultural co-ops, to design and build systems meeting the needs of this business segment. We have the components, systems, and know how to solve the difficult problems, resulting in greater work force and energy efficiencies and improved ROI.

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