Highway and Transportation Solutions


Loop counters, batteries, operating hours,

weather stations, fuel level


Remote signage, mast extension,

lights and beacons


Find, Track, and Fence Assets


  • Reliable Cellular Access
  • Immediate signage update
  • Control masts and gates
  • Real-time alarms via SMS
  • Location and geo-fencing
  • Daily time-stamped reports
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Remote access to equipment
  • Compact solution easily fits into a lock box
  • Locate and protect assets
  • Detect equipment faults
  • Integrates into existing power circuit


Available as a SkyWorx package.

Transportation and highway projects present a wide variety of remote management and monitoring requirements. Portable signage needs to be turned on and off, and sign messages require updates. Likewise, portable traffic control devices need to be monitored and managed. Much of this portable equipment is battery powered and knowing the charge status of the batteries is one way of preventing an after hour's truck roll.

Communications, Monitoring is meeting common DOT project challenges.

Much of the equipment deployed on these projects is portable and of a high value. Knowing the location of this equipment and insuring that it stays at its intended location is of importance both for loss prevention and to manage the inventory. Ctek's cellular automation solutions can meet these challenges efficiently and economically. All of these solutions can be monitored from any central location using Ctek's SkyCloud. With SkyCloud, the visual presentation contains all of the important status information that managers require and provides one-click access to any asset.

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