Irrigation and Water Management Solutions

  • It's All About the Green

    It's All About the Green

    Ctek's cellular irrigation controller is all about green results. The green results of conserving precious water, the green results of properly watered turf, and the resulting green from reduced water bills.


Replaces or Overlays onto Clock Based Systems.

Water Management

Pumps, Gates and Valves

Metering and Reporting

Regulatory and Commercial Requirements


  • Measured water application
  • Activate/suspend remotely
  • Adjust volume based on sensors
  • Precise time-stamped records
  • Reliable cellular communications
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Reduce water usage
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Detect damaged equipment


Available as a SkyWorx package.

Ctek's irrigation and water management solutions address requirements scaling across residential, commercial and agricultural applications. The irrigation controller, with its measured water application, is a superior substitute or replacement for any clock-based system. For agricultural and large-scale commercial applications, Ctek's systems include the ability to control, measure, and record water consumption, and the ability to control energy saving variable speed drives.

Measured and recorded water applications with cellular control.

Another important water application is residential sub-metering. Ctek's automation systems scale up to address the most demanding sub-metering application and provide the communications necessary to transfer the usage data to back-office systems.

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