Remote Management

  • Remote Management, Solved

    Remote Management, Solved

    With the SkyRouter you can: economically track your assets exact location, set boundaries to make sure it doesn't go where you don't want it, as well as view and control your assets general status and functions.


Remote Monitoring and Control


Find, Track and Fence Assets


One-click Access and Management


  • Interface to Modbus controllers
  • Analog & digital sensors
  • Manage variable speed drives
  • Precise GPS location
  • Reliable cellular communications
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Minimize down time
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Prevent theft and loss


Available as a SkyWorx package.

SkyWorx Controller Datasheet

The typical remote asset doesn't exist. There is simply no such thing. The problems associated with monitoring and controlling remote assets are as many and varied as the types of high value equipment being managed. That's why Ctek offers a broad range of capabilities that can be used to create your own application, or packaged into a turn-key SkyWorx system solution. Ctek's Automation Control provides the capabilities you need to monitor tank levels, temperatures, pressures, and digital events of all types. Our full range of output capabilities allow you to start/stop devices, reset equipment racks, or perform emergency shutdowns.

Monitor, control, track and manage remote assets visually.

Tracking your remote or portable asset is a challenge. Every Ctek remote management solution includes GPS, geo-fencing, and visualization capabilities that can be applied to the location problem. Ctek's SkyCloud adds a visual access and management capability to your remote management solution. The assets location, displayed on a map, becomes the navigation link to the actual asset. Importantly, SkyCloud's display contains a wealth of real-time and historical information about the remote application, the network connection and any alarm conditions.

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