Security & Surveillance


Real-time video carried over 4G

Remote Access

Card Readers, Gate Control & Keypads

Intrusion Detection

Motion, Sound and Thermal Detectors


  • Connect multiple IP Cameras
  • Integrate any sensor
  • Mange gates and lights
  • Transmit card or keypad data
  • Precise time-stamped records
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Single platform integration
  • Combine video with access control
  • Reliable cellular communications
  • Add to existing control system


Available as a SkyWorx package.

Surveillance and security components are widely available, but until now no one has built a platform capable of integrating security components, remote video, and electro-mechanical control. Now, Ctek's SkyRouter and Automation Control is the perfect platform for your remote security solution. With this system, you can send video over cellular coordinated with triggering events such as motion detectors, transmit card access data, and manage doors, gates and lights.

Communications and Control for a Complete Security System.

The SkyRouter links your remote site to a central monitoring location over a reliable high speed cellular IP network. This network can be used to monitor cameras, review DVR footage, authenticate entry requests, and manage local infrastructure such as lights, gates, and sirens. Unattended entrances can take advantage of a "buzz button", card reader, or finger print pad to alert a central security desk. Video and still images can be used to visually identify and record the person requesting entry. The Automation Controller responds to external inputs such as motion or ingress detectors with logic driven outputs that can perform functions as varied as activating cameras, closing gates, or turning on lights and sirens. An entire network can be managed remotely through SkyRouter and monitored visually with Ctek's SkyCloud.

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