Water and Waste Water Solutions


Tank levels, pump status,

chemical inventories


Pumps, aerators, skimmers,

chemical injection


Tank levels, pump starts, operating hours, discharge volumes


  • Reliable Cellular Access
  • Integrate multiple sensors
  • Pump control with wear leveling
  • Control chemical injection
  • Real-time alarms via SMS
  • Daily time-stamped reports
  • One-click visualization and access


  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Remote access to equipment
  • Protect high value equipment
  • Pump-run time recording
  • Detect equipment faults and blockage


Available as a SkyWorx package

Ctek's SkyRouter and Automation Control have been serving the water and wastewater industry for many years. When combined, our products provide a higher level of control and communications than conventional solutions at a fraction of the cost, and in much less time. In addition, the easy to use development environment means that you will not have to hire a PLC programmer to make changes when necessary.

Communications, Control, and Reporting to meet your water and wastewater needs.

Standard features like pump wear leveling, daily reporting in spreadsheet format, instantaneous alarms via text messaging and email, and control for Modbus devices such as variable speed drives and chemical injectors make for a comprehensive solution all based on a single controller.

Since Ctek's Automation Controllers can communicate with each other on a peer-to-peer basis, controlling a pump from a remote tank, or a limiting inflow during a heavy rain is an easy set up.

Ctek's SkyCloud can provide a complete visual access and management view of your plant, or system, or entire municipality. Faults detected at any station will be immediately visible on the SkyCloud presentation, and you will only be one-click away from the actual controller.

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