• Ctek SkyWorx

    Ctek SkyWorx

    Remote Management System – Hardware and software

    • Managed network service
    • Visual access and management
    • Kitted installation materials

    SkyWorx, your solution's solution

  • Ctek SkyRouter - Industrial Cellular Platform

    Ctek SkyRouter - Industrial Cellular Platform


    • Point and click application development
    • Packaged applications – irrigation,LBS/AVL, motor control
    • Complete SDK available


    • 3G/4G – all networks
    • Ethernet, serial, USB
    • Bi-directional SMS
    • Built-in GPS
  • Ctek SkyCloud

    Ctek SkyCloud

    Visual Access and Management

    One-click consolidated view –networks and devices

    • Device status
    • Application status
    • Network status and history

    No programming required

Network Ready, Cloud Enabled

Ready for service on CDMA, GSM and HSPA/UMTS cellular networks around the world.

Track and monitor your equipment on Ctek's SkyCloud and never miss a beat.

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An Applications Platform

Automation on the same platform providing your communications. The ultimate one-box solution for water management, lighting control, asset management and much more.

Easy on-board configuration tools to interface with industry standard sensors and monitor inputs, control outputs and react on the fly to your environment's needs.

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We'll Manage It, Too!

With Ctek's SkyWorx solution, we provide the hardware, software and network connectivity so all you have to do is install it and power it on.

We manage the network so you can focus on more important things.

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